Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Hootenanny Time!

Once again (how many times has it been? Anyone?) Big Sandy & the boys will be taking the stage at OC's annual rockin' rollin' blow-out, The Hootenanny (Saturday July 2nd). It is highly suggested that you come early as lines get long and the sun gets hot! BS and the boys will be performing on Main Stage A at 2 PM SHARP!!!! Also of note: The Fly-Rite Boys, Joe, Jeff, and Ash will be backing up that Rockabilly Filly, Miss Rosie Flores at 1 pm!!!


Leon and the Forklifts said...

Hey - Can you send lyrics or link to lyrics for "Let Me In There, Baby"? Oh Please!

Leon and the Forklifts said...

Hey... Is this mic on? (not sure) - so we love to jam that song "Let Me In There, Baby" - anywhere to find lyrics for it?

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