Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fly Rite News!!

Fly-Rite News

Just a little update on what's been going down with me and the boys... and with what's coming up...

Coming up?

Well, going up, really.... as in UP in a hot-air balloon! The City of Irvine's Great Park has been hosting a series of FREE concerts and FREE hot-air balloon rides this Summer and, well, this Friday August 29th it's OUR turn. We will perform on the outdoor stage from 8pm - 9:30pm. That is, of course, after taking a ride up in one of them there contraptions! Come join us, cheer us on... or just laugh at the fear on our faces. ALL AGES! More details at

This holiday weekend, Safari Sam's in Hollywood will be hosting a remarkable three day event featuring some of the finest roots related musicians of our time. Gracing the stage over the weekend will be Dave Alvin, The Knitters, Peter Case, Levi Dexter, Mike Stinson, The Hacienda Brothers... and man, oh, man... so many more. I, Big Sandy along with my Fly-Rite Boys will be proud to be sharing the stage with The Blasters on Monday evening September 1st! The proceeds to this incredible event, and the art auction that will acommpany it, will go towards the medical expenses of a few musician friends, including blues belter Candye Kane and the dearly deeparted Chris Gaffney. Come join us for some great music, BBQ, and good times... while supporting a great cause in the process. More details at

I had a hell of a time celebrating my birthday with the Fly-Rites last week in Aspen, Colorado and Salt Lake City, UT. Thanks to all who came out to the shows... and to the many many people from all over the world who sent birthday greetings, comments, emails, and tequila! It may take me a while, but personal thank-you's will be coming your way!

Speaking of Aspen, I just noticed a Youtube video that just surfaced which features highlites of our performance there last week. Now...; there are tons of BS (Big Sandy) clips on the 'Tube, some of which I wish weren't... but this one is quite fun, I think. You can't tell from the clip, but there were thousands of people in the audience that evening, all situated down the length of a ski run (Fanny Hill). A few local kids got up on stage with us and started some dance moves that soon had the entire crowd following along... well, check it out, you'll see...

OK... that's it for now
hope to catch you sometime very soon!
Big Sandy

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