Friday, February 04, 2011

Why, look who's here!!!

Hello strangers! I was sorta nudged by BS blog follower and friend "theLydiaT" (who is sportin' some new Big Sandy inspired ink!) to reactivate this here blog. So, here I am after a four month absence...

Two Fly-Rite shows this weekend, beginning tonight (Friday Feb. 4th) at The Redwood Bar in downtown Los Angeles. DJ Dan Moses will be filling the gaps with the music that moves... but we will be going at it alone tonight. That means two LONG sets from me and the boys... and more fun for all! Bring along your request list and get ready for some surprises!

Tomorrow night (Saturday, Feb. 5th) we'll be returning to the Juke Joint in my home town of Anaheim, CA. We haven't played the ol' JJ in a while and it looks like it's gonna be quite an affair! Joining us will be Buzz Campbell, Johnny Bowler, The Hot Rod Trio, and The Jackpot Club!

I'll be tippin' on in a little more often here on this page, and hope to be posting a little bit more than just gig updates... so stay tuned!

your pal,
Big Sandy


Unknown said...

I wish I would have know sooner, I would have gone! Don't you post your shows on Facebook? I must be missing them. Doh! Also, I sent you an invite to our housewarming party!XOXO

TheLydiaT said...

YEAH!! Your back!! So glad! hearts RDub!

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