Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Sandy sets sights on NC, GA, FL, LA & TX!!

Heading out on the highway this morning... with stops in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, & Texas! Are you anywhere along this route? Flag us down! Know someone who is? Let 'em know! You can help us by passing this "flyer" along... thanks! B.S.

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Dana W said...

This goes out to the gang but especially Ashley (who I hope is on this tour?). We met way back when you all played in Rhode Island then again at the Birchmere a few years ago. Since then I moved to Asheville NC, and I am really looking forward to seeing you do your thing again!


Paul Benson,

Big Sandy said...

Hey Paul...
Thanks for dropping us a line! We're working our way through Oklahoma at the moment on our long trek to N.C.! Yes, Ashley is still with the band... we'll be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.



Jil Meadows said...

Sure did love seeing you all back in Asheville last week. Hope your tour continues to go well and that everyone's having a bunch of fun!!! I'm working on a song for you-all and when you get back to Sunny Cal I'll send it your way!
Be safe, have fun, keep the feet moving! You guys rock! Jil

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, thanks for a great show last week here in Asheville. If the rest of your tour goes so well folks all over the South will be tapping their feet for days! You-all sound super and it's great to have seen you again. I'm working on a song for you B.S., and I'll send it your way when you get back to sunny CA. Have a great, safe time on the rest of your road trip. Keep 'em dancin as only you can do! Jil

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