Friday, October 10, 2008

Fly-Rite News 10/10/08

Hello friends and greetings from the Fly-Rite Ranch here in sometimes sunny Southern California. It's been somewhat hectic for us over the last three weeks, with back to back weekenders in Barcelona, Baltimore, and Las Vegas. It's good to be back home and will be doing shows here in The Golden State through the rest of the year. Here's what coming up over the next several days:

Sat 10/11/08 The Casbah San Diego, CA
Fri 10/17/08 The Blue Cafe Long Beach, CA
Sat 10/18/08 The Bordello Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Some of you already know that our long-time bass player Jeff West is out of commission for a little while. He's been having problems with his hand, which he's seeking treatment for... and we'll keep everyone up-to-date on his progress. In the meantime... we have the pleasure of welcoming birthday-boy Kevin Stewart to the Fly-Rite Bandstand. We've had a couple of shows with him so far, as witnessed in the clips below, and he's been doing a fantastic job.

Well, my friends... hope to see you around sometime soon!
best wishes always,
Big sandy

Rockabilly Rave USA
"Heaven Is The Other Way

St. Monica Catholic Church Fall Festival
(the generator blew up, leaving us with no power)
acoustic version of "Chalk It Up To The Blues"

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